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What is Potions Club?

Potions Club is a series of monthly meetings for people who like mixing their own lotions and potions. If you ever tried to make 'Rose Petal Perfume' as a child & felt disappointed with the results, you are going to LOVE Potions Club!
It's also an opportunity to learn how to use essential oils and simple aromatherapy blending techniques to use safely in the home. Some of our blends are designed to be effective home remedies and some are more for pleasure.
As we go along, we'll learn a bit about the body, how to care for your skin and how to make beautiful, unique handmade gifts easily and simply at home for your loved ones.

Date: Saturday 27th January 2018 Time: 2 - 4:30 PM

Location: Brookes Beauty @ReCoop Health, 
Aston Road, Abbey Green,
Nuneaton, CV11 5DT - Free Parking
January Potions Club
Hand Care Trio - Protective sanitising spray, handwash & lotion plus nourishing nail oil

Learning: Bug killing & protective essential oils, safety, principles of blending.

This class includes, essential oils, base materials, product containers, workshop manual. All equipment & utensils , venue hire etc included in project cost.
Price: £20.00
Next Potions Club Session

February 24th*
Footcare products - Foot Soaks, Nourishing balm, Deodorising sprays and powders.

Learning: essential oils for WAKING UP & staying ALERT!, safety, principals of blending

* Workshop themes subject to change.

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