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Clinical Aromatherapy Service

The Clinical Aromatherapy Service is a personalised service designed to serve individual clients anywhere who seek complementary remedies to support their health and well being.

Our Clinical Aromatherapist, Lindsey Brookes, consults with clients either by phone, email, Skype or face to face and takes a full client health history, is essential to deliver a safe fully insured service.  This information is protected by the Data Protection Act and is held in complete confidence.  Please see our Data Protection Policy.

Depending on your needs and preferences, products will be created for your use. Common ailments that can be successfully resolved using aromatherapy are stress, anxiety, sleep and hormonal problems, pain (muscular and nerve), circulatory, inflammatory, stiffness and tension.

Enquiry for Fragrant Pharmacy Services
Full Name
Preferred method of Consultation
Face to Face in clinic
Social Media Messaging
Skype / Video calling
Post / Snail mail
Ailments you'd like to discuss
Menopause & Hormonal issues
Musculo-skeletal problems, sports injuries
Inflammation or pain, nerve / muscle / joints
Problems sleeping or fatigue
Headaches, tension, migraines
Rest & relaxation
Skin compaints
Problems with circulation, cold hands / feet
Oedema or swelling
Low energy levels
Other issues you'd like adressed

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