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Neal's Yard Remedies Organic​


Prefer a Cosy Night In?

Either book your pamper evening at our salon and bring your own nibbles and drinks and have a lovely evening in the company of a professional therapist advising on products and techniques or opt for an online extravaganza with you friends and everyone in their PJs! 

Our events are designed to provide optimal sampling opportunities and enjoyment. Virtual partygoers receive a sample box and a zoom link and can tune into their own group sipping fizz and having facials. Pre booking is required so we can get the party boxes out in time!

At the salon, you and your friends will have exclusive opportunities to sample the newest products and receive mini treatments from our lead therapist! Gifts for the party organiser are guaranteed and free shopping bonuses are available to everyone over a certain spend. To book your party in, text your name and NYR Cosy Night In to 07966389702 and we'll get right back to arrange your session.

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